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Preparation before Visiting Myanmar

Before your trip to Myanmar, do not forget to do a little research on this interesting country. Equip yourself with essential belongings, visa as well as useful knowledge about the land and people of Myanmar.

1, Myanmar Visa: The Myanmar Tourist Visa allows you 28 days of traveling inside Myanmar after flying into Yangon; the Visa can be extendible for an additional 14 days. A Visa for Myanmar is only valid for three months from the date of issue, so plan your trip accordingly.

2, The Myanmar people are friendly, helpful and polite: The typical Myanmar character is kind and trust worthy.
3, Please learn the basic words of Myanmar language: People will be delighted to meet visitors who are willing to immerse themselves in the language. "Mingalarbar" when meeting each other, "U" (for male) in front of the names for adult persons, "Daw" (for female) in front of the names for adult persons.
4, Please learn the local customs before visiting ethnic minority villages: The people of Myanmar are very diverse; each ethnic minority has their own local customs. For example, when tourists visit Akha villages they should know not to take photos of pregnant women.
5, Myanmar people are delighted when tourists participate in their festivals: It makes Myanmar people very happy and proud of their traditions if they see foreigners participate in their festivals. 
6, Spread your wealth, use your money wisely: Tourists should purchase non-precious items at the local market. Licensed stores will give certificates that guarantee the authenticity of the items, whereas unlicensed stores cannot guarantee the authenticity of the items.
7, Myanmar is a cultural destination: Visitors are encouraged to learn about Myanmar’s traditional festivals and ceremonies.
8, All foreign visitors must have a visa issued by the Embassy or Consulate Myanmar and must be valid at the time of entry and exit.
9, Myanmar is a developing country where medicines are imported, so you should bring your necessary medicines.
10, You should remember to bring the formal clothes and lightweight, easily removed shoes in order to visit temples.

6:30 hours ahead of GMT.(UTC)
0:30 minutes behind Thailand
1:30 hours behind Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong 
Yangon General Post Office
39, Bo Aung Kyaw St.
Tel: +951 380342, 240330

Tel : +951 246559
Tel : +951 664423, 664434

United Parcel Service (UPS)
Tel : +951 667110

DPE International
Tel : +951 249278

Express Courier Service
Tel : +951 280153, 240802, 246816
Overseas Courier Service
Tel: +951 280706, (09) 22409, (09) 23625
IDD telephones are available at most hotels, offices, post offices and shopping centers. Overseas calls can be made through operators where there are no IDD Phones. E – Mail and fax facilities are available.
Public telephones are installed at the Airports, Railway Stations and at most street corners. Mobile phone can be acquired for hire at Myanmar Travels and Tours Counter, Yangon International Airport. 
One Time GSM Prepaid Card    
Prepaid SIM cards are available for mobile telephones in Myanmar Since December 2008. The prepaid SIM cards are available for US$ 2 to US$ 20 . ( MPT , Oredoo and Telenor are SIM cards company )
Local calls are charged with US$ 0.3 per minute, international calls with US$ 1.5 per minute (for all countries) and incoming calls with US$ 0.05 per minute.
Internet will be 2G  
SMS message is not possible for foreign countries.
The GSM prepaid card is valid for 30 days after activation and available in each mobile shop and also at
Down Town Mobile Phone shops and Shopping Malls  
What to Wear    
Light casual wear for all year round except when visiting northern parts during the cold season. Visitors should not wear hot pants or shorts when visiting Pagodas, Temples and Monasteries; sandals or slippers are convenient as it is required to remove all footwear at the entrance. 
What to Bring
- Insect repellent
- Sun Block 
- Sunglasses
- Hat
- Umbrella Or Raincoat
- Personal Medical Kit
Jewelleries, electrical goods and cameras must be declared at the airport. Antiques and archaeologically valuable items are not allowed to be taken out.
Duty free allowance: Two bottles of liquor; two cartons of cigarettes; 100 cigars; 1.5lb of tobacco; one pint bottle of perfume or eau de cologne.
Myanmar currency is the Kyat, made up of 100 pyas. Currency notes come in the following denominations: K10000, K5000, K 1000, K500, K200, K100, K50, K20, K15, K10, K5, K1. Visitors are not allowed to bring in or take out Kyats. 
Meditation in Myanmar    
Myanmar is a land with different people and different religions. About 90 % of the people in Myanmar are Buddhists. Many Vipassana Meditation Centers based on Buddha’s teaching are widely taught throughout the country. Vipassana meditation in Myanmar is usually taught during ten-day residential courses. This period has been found to be the minimum requirement for new students to understand the technique and its benefits through their own experience. Everyone can plan the Meditation trips in Myanmar. 
Holidays in Myanmar   
4 Jan
12 Feb
2 Mar
19 Mar
27 Mar
13-16 Apr
17 Apr
1 May
17 May
15 Jul
15 Jul
19 Jul
12 Oct
10 Nov
01 Dec
25 Dec
25 Dec
- Independence Day
- Union Day
- Peasant's Day
- Full moon day of Tabaung
- Armed Forces Day
- Thingyan Festival (Water Festival)
- Myanmar New year Day
- May Day (Workers' Day)
- Full moon day of Kason
- Beginning of Buddhist Lent
- Full moon day of Waso
- Martyrs' Day
- End of Buddhist Lent (Thadingyut Festival of Lights)
- Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights
- National Day
- Christmas Day
- Kayin New Year Day

Entry Formalities

Passport & Visa

A Valid Passport with Entry Visa is required for all visitors. A Tourist Visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendible for an additional 14 days. A Business Visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendible up to 12 months on a case – by – case basis. Visa on Arrival is granted to both FITs and Package Tourists with the assistance of the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism.
Overland entry is permitted to Thai tourists with border pass and for third country tourists with visa at Tachileik, Three Pagoda Pass, Myawaddy and Kawthaung check points along Myanmar – Thai Border; and Chinese tourists with border pass and third country tourists with visa at Lweje, Nam Khan, Muse, Kyukoke, Kwanlong, and Mong Lar along Myanmar – China Border.


For those travelers who live at the countries where Myanmar Embassies or Consulates do not exist or who do not have time to apply visa at the Myanmar Embassies, we will arrange Myanmar pre-approved (applied in advance in Myanmar & issue visa only on arrival at the airport) visa on arrival. The information of the clients is needed:
  1. Clients full name and Passport numbers.
  2. Date of issue and place of issue.
  3. Date of expire.
  4. Father's name.
  5. Date of Birth and place of birth.
  6. Occupation.
  7. Home address.
  8. Nationality.
  9. 2 recent photos size photographs
  10. Countries for passport valid.
  11. Self declaration of free from Myanmar politic and religious disputes

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